GEM P-type Coaxial High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Radiation Detectors

HPGe Radiation Detector Energy Range - GEM Radiation Detector
ORTEC GEM radiation detectors are P-type coaxial HPGe detectors designed to address the typical energy range for Gamma Spectroscopy of ~40 keV and upwards.

GEM Series detectors feature:
  • Efficiencies to 150%, higher on request.
  • Excellent energy resolution and peak symmetry.
  • SMART bias options.
  • Harsh Environment (-HE) option.
  • Low background carbon fiber endcap options.
  • PLUS preamplifier option for ultra-high-rate applications.
  • Extensive configuration flexibility, PopTop, Streamline and mechanically cooled options.
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    Integrated Cryocooling System Option (-ICS, -ICS-E)
    The Integrated Cryocooling System (ICS) cryostat is sealed with a cryocooler and is immune to thermal short cycling. Unlike the typical three day loss of use of the detector with a standard type cryostat, the ICS can be re-cooled immediately, minimizing any time lost for temporary warm up. The ICS is available with an internal preamplifier (-ICS) or an external preamplifier (-ICS-E).

    Integrated Cryocooling Low-Background System  (-ICS-LB)
    Low-background detector with internal preamplifier, high purity aluminum endcap, high purity aluminum window, high purity aluminum internal cup, and low-background Cu mount for the ICS Integrated Cryocooling System. The lower background material allows for lower Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) for a specific counting time, which provides another step in increasing sample throughput in low-background applications.

    SMART-1 Option  (-SMP)
    The SMART-1 option monitors and reports on vital system functions, and can save authentication codes and report the code at a later time. It has the high voltage included, so none of the instruments require an external high-voltage power supply. The SMART-1 is housed in a rugged ABS molded plastic enclosure and is permanently attached to the detector endcap via a molded-strain-relieved sealed cable. This eliminates the possibility that the detector will suffer severe damage from moisture leaking into high-voltage connectors. The SMART-1 can be positioned in any convenient place and does not interfere with shielding or other mounting hardware.

    Ultra-High Count-Rate Preamplifier Option  (-PL)
    The Ultra-High Count-Rate Preamplifier (transistor-reset preamplifier), can handle input count rates up to 1,000,000 counts/s at 1 MeV, offers the added benefit of having no feedback resistor.

    Harsh Environment Option  (-HE)
    The Harsh Environment option is a rugged carbon fiber endcap with a sealed electronics housing featuring a replaceable desiccant pack which ensures that the electronics stay 100% dry and indicates when it needs to be replaced. GEM series detectors in PopTop capsules of 76 mm diameter or larger can be supplied with this option. 

    Remote Preamplifier Option  (-HJ)
    This option allows all the preamplifier and high voltage connections to be outside a shield and removes the preamplifier and high voltage filter from the “line-of-sight” to the Ge crystal. For low background applications, this option eliminates any possible preamplifier or high voltage filter components that may add to the background inside a shield.

    Low-Background Carbon Fiber Endcap Options  (-RB, -LB-C, and -XLB-C)
    The Low-Background Carbon Fiber Endcap is as strong as Al, Mg, and Cu, creates less background, does not corrode, and can detect energies less than 10 keV. This lower background material allows for lower Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA) for a specific counting time, which provides another step in increasing sample throughput in low-background counting applications. The lower Z of Carbon Fiber provides a low-energy window without the additional background found in most alloys.
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