MPC-1000-GFW Manual Sample Changer

  • 5.1 cm (2 in.) Standard Planchet Diameter
  • Gas-PRO™ Failsafe Counting
  • Ultra-Low Background Counter
  • Hemispherical Gas Flow Detector
  • Cosmic Guard Detector
  • Gas Conservation
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • USB Port

The MPC-1000-GFW Single Detector Counter is the most versatile, high-performance, Ultra-Low Background Counter available. This counter provides new labs a cost effective entry into Ultra-Low Background Alpha/Beta Counting until sample volumes grow larger and justify either Multi-Detector Systems or Automatic Counters.

Compatible Application Software Packages
  • Vista 2000 Radio-Chemistry Applications Software
  • DUO Software (for use when operating in the Color Touch Screen Interface Mode)
  • PC Remote Interface Configuration (no Touch Screen) Order Model: MPC-1000-PC-GFW
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  • Specifications +

    Sample Changer
    Number of Detectors 1 + guard
    Counter Ultra Low Background
    Sample Size 5.1 cm (2 in.) diameter
    Interface Touch Screen

    5.7 cm (2.23 in.) Diameter
    Type  Hemispherical Style Gas Flow Proportional
    Window Aluminized, 80 µg/cm2
    Guard Detector Large Area Gas Flow Proportional
    Counting Gas P-10, 60 cc/min @ 10 psi
    Gas-PRO Protection Yes
    Shielding 10.2 cm (4 in.) thick

    5.1 cm (2.0 in.) Diameter Planchets
    Capacity 1
    Depth 1/8, 1/4, 5/16 inch
    Data Export USB Flash Drive, RS-232


    Touch Screen
    Compatible Software Vista 2000, DUO software

    Alpha Background
    0.05 cpm typical, 0.1 cpm warranted
    Beta Background 0.7 cpm typical, 0.9 cpm warranted
    Po210 Efficiency 40%
    Am241 Efficiency 40%
    Th230 Efficiency 40%
    Sr90/Y90 Efficiency 55%
    Tc99 Efficiency 35%
    Cs137 Efficiency 40%
    Alpha-Beta Crosstalk <0.1%
    Beta-Alpha Crosstalk <0.1%
    Count Modes Alpha only, Beta only, Alpha/Beta Simultaneously

    Dimensions 58.4 W x 61 D cm (23 W x 24 D in.)
    Weight 172 kg (380 lb) installed
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    Model Description
    MPC-1000-GFW Manual Sample Changer