WBC-200 Sodium Iodide Based Chairs for Routine Evaluation

The whole-body chair is an alternative to the stand-up counter due to its small size, comfortable arrangement, and reproducible geometry. A variety of chairs using NaI detectors are in use throughout the nuclear industry. This ORTEC Model WBC-200 uses a single, large 5" x 4" crystal in a collimated shield to provide excellent analysis results. For more specific area coverage, the ORTEC Model WBC-200-2 uses two 5” x 4” NaI detectors. Results may be recorded for the chest region and for the abdominal region in a single count.

The swivel chair makes entry and exit of this system easy for the person being counted. The simple design offers many advantages over complex positioning mechanisms.
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    Model Description
    WBC-200 Sodium Iodide Based Chair with one detector
    WBC-200-2 Sodium Iodide Based Chair with two detectors